Mythbusters Exhibit in Fort Worth

The Mythbusters Exhibit is in its last week at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History so I thought I would take a look. The exhibit features artifacts from the show starting with the JATO rocket tubes from the very first episode and a Citroën turned motorcycle from the 2015 season.  Featured were duct tape canoe and airplane and outfits worn by the cast. Later in the gift shop you will be given the opportunity to buy a black beret or t-shirt that has one of the slogans from the show.

For the exhibit visitors are given an iPod touch in a case that blocks access to the home button but allows the user to use the touch screen to interact with the exhibits. I liked the idea of the aid but the implementation lacked something that made it more of a distraction than an aid. When compared to the aid that was used on the Indiana Jones exhibit it was harder to use.

The second section of the exhibit turned into a hands-on showcase of various myths. Here you are encouraged to try the experiments for yourself starting with a contraption for dropping toast so you can see if it will land butter side up or not. At the booth for testing the myth about flicking playing cards I was able to land a card in the target on my first try earning some amazed glances from people who had been trying it for several minutes. I decided to quit while I was ahead leaving the only successful hit in the target for the day.

Another gag let you test your reaction time against a gun fired at you from ten foot away or pull a table-cloth off a table without knocking over the dishes. Have you ever wanted to test the running in the rain myth or superhero changing in a phone booth? Now you can.

The final section of the exhibit was a live show where they let children go on stage and see if they can dodge a paintball fired directly at you. Parents must sign waiver.

Overall it was a fun exhibit. If you or your kids are a fan of the show, I highly recommend go see it before it closes.

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Big Bang Timeliness

I went to watch this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory off the DVR and notice that the episode number was not sequential from last week’s episode. Dish showed The Indecision Amalgamation as episode #161 followed by The Relationship Diremption as episode #164. I doubled checked the dates and only saw a 7 day gap. Then as the episode opened, I realized they were talking about recent news of the discovery of gravitational waves from the Big Bang. Upon hearing the news, Sheldon begins to question his career choice, thinking of it like a relationship. Hence the episode title.

di·remp·tion [dih-remp-shuh n]
noun. a sharp division into two parts; disjunction; separation.

This all could be coincidence. The Chuck Lorre Productions card at the end of the two episodes were sequential, #451 and #452 but that may be put on to match the airing. I was quite impressed that they were able to adapt an episode that appears to be from later in the season to fit the new event in just a couple of weeks. Once again the show demonstrates that it tries to include real science especially when it relates to one of the fields of the characters.

Hopefully we won’t get confused about the deep character development arcs. Last week’s episode was a Raj’s character was the focus last week and they seemed to have skipped ahead in that relationship. Tune in next week.




Sherlock: His Last Vow

The third episode of the third series of Sherlock is full of twists and redirection. We learn much about Mrs. Watson, the Holmes’ parents, and Sherlock’s dog while weaving in and out of a very twisted plot. There are plenty of references to pop culture including calling Sherlock a blunt instrument in reference to James Bond. Just when you think you know what’s coming the show takes a left turn. Right in the middle of the story we find ourselves at the Holmes home for Christmas. Be sure to stick around for the tease for next season at the end. My only real complaint with the episode was the lack of actual detective work. This ends this series and it will probably be a couple of years before we get the next triplet of episodes. I hope they keep them coming.

His Last Vow

Sherlock: The Sign of Three

Yet another brilliant episode. Sherlock must give the best man’s toast at Watson’s wedding. The episode is intertwined with small mysteries culminating in a big reveal or three at the end. Sherlock’s manic nature is on full display. There’s a touching moment at the end and where the show continues to dance around Sherlock’s sexual preference, orientation, or lack there of. Sherlock even manages to give a great toast. I loved the bit with the eyeball. And you really have to listen to the dialog when one man calls Sherlock a psychopath. Sherlock agreeably corrects the gentleman to use the correct word, sociopath. Watson’s bachelor’s party is hysterical, especially when Sherlock’s drink is spiked. Finally, the cinematography is a character unto itself featuring lensbaby, text overlays, and bullet-time all in one episode.

Wedding Toast

Sherlock: The Empty Hearse

I caught the first of the three Sherlock episodes on the BBC iPlayer. The episode is called The Empty Hearse and it refers to the fact that Sherlock faked his death at the end of the last season. The episode is full of speculation as to how he’d done it picking up right where the teaser webisode left off. You should be sure to watch that first.

The episode had the return as its main thread while the subplot had to do with a major terrorist attack on Parliament. Be sure to pay attention and you’ll get to see a bit more of the Holmes family. Overall it was a fun episode. You get to see how the characters have (tried to) moved on in the wake of Sherlock’s departure.

Episode 2 aired tonight and the final episode will air next Sunday. I’ve already downloaded the second episode but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to watch it.


Sci-Fi Cop Drama with Time Traveling

While I’m recommending good TV shows, let me add Continuum to the list. This is an Canadian show that is a bit hard to find. Season 2 is now available on Netflix. Season 3 returns to SyFy channel in March. The plot focuses on an accidental time traveling cop. She has come back 65 years with her futuristic gizmos intact. The stories are interesting and full of twists and turns. There are no clear baddies. Even the heroine breaks the rules when it is in her own interests.

Sherlock Series 3 Returns in Just 3 Weeks

BBC has released a webisode teaser for their upcoming series of Sherlock. The first two series (seasons) were just three episodes each. The show stars pre-Hobbit Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as the iconic and now public domain characters Holmes and Watson. If you have not yet seen these episodes, you should do so immediately. They are available on Apple TV (iTunes and PBS) and Netflix. They are also re-running on BBC America and PBS. Cumberbatch’s Holmes pre-dates the American TV show and has a much different take on the character in his native London. Once you have enjoyed the first 6 episodes then you can enjoy this tease for series 3 “return” which will be on PBS on either January 12th or 19th depending on your source. I understand this series will also be just 3 weekly episodes.

Breaking Bad Finale is Just a Week Away

Breaking Bad

I’m really late to the whole Breaking Bad party. Fortunately for me, there’s Netflix. I was able to watch the first four seasons online to get caught up to the final season that is still on the air. I just finished watching the penultimate episode and I’m still hooked. I think what finally prompted me to watch the show was the episode of Mythbusters where they featured several things from the first season. While the writers have taken some liberties with the science, you can tell that the Mythbusters are true fans of the show.

In the first season the chemistry teacher aspect of Mr. White’s character was featured in an almost MacGyver-esque way. That was really toned down for the later seasons and the other characters had a chance to evolve. Make no mistake in thinking that Mr. White is a lovable protagonist. He is a flawed anti-hero. He is the cause of his own spectacular destruction. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

If you have not watched the show yet, I recommend you log into Netflix and get started. It is well worth your time. And this isn’t like Big Bang Theory where you can come in and miss a few episodes. The story arcs are pretty tightly written and need to be unfurled in order.

Several of the episodes open with a short out-of-context segment. Sometimes that segment is revealed to be the climax at the episode. Sometimes it may relate to something in the past or future unrelated to the current episode. Keep watching and it will come together. As I’m sure next week’s finally will do for the entire season.

pink bear

V Lacks the Drama and Suspense of the Original

I watched the new ABS TV series “V” off my DVR last night. I was surprised that the initial episode was only one hour long. The original miniseries was almost 3-1/2 hours crammed into two nights back in May 1983. I can still remember chatting with friends in school the next day. The original was a cautionary take about fascism. At the end of the first night a holocaust survivor was taking a spray paint can to a Visitor poster as a symbol of rebellion. It was a very powerful and dramatic moment. Ok, I may be over selling it a bit. It also had some really cheesy special effects. The point is that the new series covered in 40 minutes what the original dragged out over four hours. The new series introduced the visitors, told us they were reptiles, told us that there was a resistance all in a matter of minutes. The whole thing seemed really rushed. I’m hoping that the series improves in the three remaining episodes for the year.

We have many of the same characters from the original. John is now Anna and she seems kinda creepy. The TV reporter is not fooled for a minute and is now a willing participant in the coverup. We have a priest who has a moral dilemma about what to say to his flock about the visitors. Perhaps the first episode was necessary to lay down the fabric that we already recognize from the first series and we’ll start to see something new next week. I hope so. Otherwise this show is not going to be taking any more space on my DVR. I’m going to rent the original and its sequel from Netflix.