Mythbusters Exhibit in Fort Worth

The Mythbusters Exhibit is in its last week at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History so I thought I would take a look. The exhibit features artifacts from the show starting with the JATO rocket tubes from the very first episode and a Citroën turned motorcycle from the 2015 season.  Featured were duct tape canoe and airplane and outfits worn by the cast. Later in the gift shop you will be given the opportunity to buy a black beret or t-shirt that has one of the slogans from the show.

For the exhibit visitors are given an iPod touch in a case that blocks access to the home button but allows the user to use the touch screen to interact with the exhibits. I liked the idea of the aid but the implementation lacked something that made it more of a distraction than an aid. When compared to the aid that was used on the Indiana Jones exhibit it was harder to use.

The second section of the exhibit turned into a hands-on showcase of various myths. Here you are encouraged to try the experiments for yourself starting with a contraption for dropping toast so you can see if it will land butter side up or not. At the booth for testing the myth about flicking playing cards I was able to land a card in the target on my first try earning some amazed glances from people who had been trying it for several minutes. I decided to quit while I was ahead leaving the only successful hit in the target for the day.

Another gag let you test your reaction time against a gun fired at you from ten foot away or pull a table-cloth off a table without knocking over the dishes. Have you ever wanted to test the running in the rain myth or superhero changing in a phone booth? Now you can.

The final section of the exhibit was a live show where they let children go on stage and see if they can dodge a paintball fired directly at you. Parents must sign waiver.

Overall it was a fun exhibit. If you or your kids are a fan of the show, I highly recommend go see it before it closes.

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