Rocket Launch

Isle du Bois

Here are some pictures and a short view from camping at Lake Ray Roberts State Park on the Isle du Bois. I knew camping had really changed when I used my Apple Watch to buy firewood from a vending machine and we used a crockpot for a good deal of the cooking. Continue reading “Isle du Bois”

A Château in Provence

Château d’Entrecasteaux

Munn Family
Munn Family
While at her 102nd birthday lunch, my grandmother mentioned that she and my aunt had learned of a memoirs written by the son of one of her cousins on the Munn side of the family. She told me the stories in the book were “scandalous”. She said this grinning ear to ear. I looked up the book and confirmed that it is available on Kindle. I read it over the last week and it reads like second had history with Forrest Gump like references sprinkled throughout. As I read my Kindle version I highlighted the author’s witness to history. The heart of the book is about his acquisition and restoration of Entrecasteaux with his father, an my grandmother’s cousin, Hugh Ian Mcgarvie-Munn in 1974.
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