Microsoft PowerPoint Phones Home

In a world where cross-site scripting and third-party cookies are known security risks, I boggles the mind how Balkanized the infrastructure of Microsoft is. By using a favorite program on the Mac called Little Snitch by Objective Development, you can see when your software is phoning home to connecting to other computers on the net. In most software, they are content with a connection to a single domain, typically of the author to check licensing, look for updates and send telemetry. This is normal in today’s environment. Using a program like Little Snitch you can trust that domain and move on. Continue reading “Microsoft PowerPoint Phones Home”

Rocket Launch

Isle du Bois

Here are some pictures and a short view from camping at Lake Ray Roberts State Park on the Isle du Bois. I knew camping had really changed when I used my Apple Watch to buy firewood from a vending machine and we used a crockpot for a good deal of the cooking. Continue reading “Isle du Bois”