Sherlock: The Sign of Three

Yet another brilliant episode. Sherlock must give the best man’s toast at Watson’s wedding. The episode is intertwined with small mysteries culminating in a big reveal or three at the end. Sherlock’s manic nature is on full display. There’s a touching moment at the end and where the show continues to dance around Sherlock’s sexual preference, orientation, or lack there of. Sherlock even manages to give a great toast. I loved the bit with the eyeball. And you really have to listen to the dialog when one man calls Sherlock a psychopath. Sherlock agreeably corrects the gentleman to use the correct word, sociopath. Watson’s bachelor’s party is hysterical, especially when Sherlock’s drink is spiked. Finally, the cinematography is a character unto itself featuring lensbaby, text overlays, and bullet-time all in one episode.

Wedding Toast

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