Breaking Bad Finale is Just a Week Away

I’m really late to the whole Breaking Bad party. Fortunately for me, there’s Netflix. I was able to watch the first four seasons online to get caught up to the final season that is still on the air. I just finished watching the penultimate episode and I’m still hooked. I think what finally prompted me to watch the show was the episode of Mythbusters where they featured several things from the first season. While the writers have taken some liberties with the science, you can tell that the Mythbusters are true fans of the show.

In the first season the chemistry teacher aspect of Mr. White’s character was featured in an almost MacGyver-esque way. That was really toned down for the later seasons and the other characters had a chance to evolve. Make no mistake in thinking that Mr. White is a lovable protagonist. He is a flawed anti-hero. He is the cause of his own spectacular destruction. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

If you have not watched the show yet, I recommend you log into Netflix and get started. It is well worth your time. And this isn’t like Big Bang Theory where you can come in and miss a few episodes. The story arcs are pretty tightly written and need to be unfurled in order.

Several of the episodes open with a short out-of-context segment. Sometimes that segment is revealed to be the climax at the episode. Sometimes it may relate to something in the past or future unrelated to the current episode. Keep watching and it will come together. As I’m sure next week’s finally will do for the entire season.

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