SEIR Building Project

As they built the new Apple Campus in Cupertino, it became a Mecca for drone photographers to document the progress of the construction. At one point Apple security tried to discourage enthusiastic remote pilots but that proved to be a harder task than they thought. With all the new construction on campus, I wanted to emulate the work done in California. The SEIR building broke ground a year ago. After checking local and campus rules, I set a project of myself to document the construction of this new building on the south side of the University of Texas at Arlington campus. When complete it will serve as one pillar of the south entrance to campus for people driving north on Cooper street. My plan is to take pictures and video once a month until the building is complete. After just one month, I’m still on track. You can already see progress between the two videos.

Silver Spurs: Hijack

Mansfield Legacy High School Silver Spurs Drill Team performance of Hijack at Broncos vs Lake Ridge Basketball Game halftime. Choreography by Mikey Trasoras

Juan Seguin Football Video

This week’s game and video come from R.L. Anderson Stadium where the Legacy Broncos narrowly beat Arlington’s Juan Seguin Cougars on a cool October evening. The Silver Spurs Drill Team performed a Military dance routine to the song “Starships” which features an opening starburst formation.

This was my first video edited with the new iMovie 10.0 under Mac OS X Mavericks. I was convinced a couple of times that they had removed features from the update only to find them in a different place. I don’t really care for the project list window as it does not have any folder or organizational features. It is designed for a screen larger than 1024 which caused a problem for my video editing work station. I do like the easy in which you can create multiple event libraries to store your raw video.

Red Oak Hawks Football Video

Here’s the video from September 26. It took a while to get to it to edit. It features a snippet of video from Channel 4 where the game was featured as the game of the week. The Broncos won the game. The other team tried to catch up at the end with a series of on-side kicks which ended up backfiring on them. Enjoy.