Big Bang Timeliness

I went to watch this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory off the DVR and notice that the episode number was not sequential from last week’s episode. Dish showed The Indecision Amalgamation as episode #161 followed by The Relationship Diremption as episode #164. I doubled checked the dates and only saw a 7 day gap. Then as the episode opened, I realized they were talking about recent news of the discovery of gravitational waves from the Big Bang. Upon hearing the news, Sheldon begins to question his career choice, thinking of it like a relationship. Hence the episode title.

di·remp·tion [dih-remp-shuh n]
noun. a sharp division into two parts; disjunction; separation.

This all could be coincidence. The Chuck Lorre Productions card at the end of the two episodes were sequential, #451 and #452 but that may be put on to match the airing. I was quite impressed that they were able to adapt an episode that appears to be from later in the season to fit the new event in just a couple of weeks. Once again the show demonstrates that it tries to include real science especially when it relates to one of the fields of the characters.

Hopefully we won’t get confused about the deep character development arcs. Last week’s episode was a Raj’s character was the focus last week and they seemed to have skipped ahead in that relationship. Tune in next week.




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