Resident Evil (2002)

I had really low expectations of this movie, now available on DVD. Based on that, it was better than I expected. Resident Evil is based on a video game with the same name. The commercials made it look more bloody than it actually was. I was expecting Hell Raiser and this was not that gross. It is part “undead eats everyone”, part “computer is homocidal”, and part “who am I” movie.
The plot centers around the Umbrella Corporation’s secret lab. A virus breaks out and infects everyone in the facility. The master computer knows what the virus can do an proceeds to kill everyone in the facility using halon, sprinklers, and elevators. A team is sent in to deactivate the computer.
The movie plods along predictably with a few surprises. The end of the movie has a Rod Serlin twist that I liked. They are already working on Resident Evil 2, due to come out July 4th, 2003.

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