Blade II (2002)

Just bought the sequel to Blade. We enjoyed the first one but never got to the theater to see the sequel. The first movie had a lot of action and some gore. The second one promised more. It’s like a cross between Matrix, Aliens and every other Vampire movie.

Blade is originally a comic book character, though I did not know that going into the first one. I’ve still never see one of his comic. The mood of the movie is very dark but not so dark that you cannot see the special effects like in the American Godzilla movie. The scenes are well lit.

The movie mixes computer animation and live wire work to create some very memorable fight scenes. The computer animation is well edited into the scenes so it’s hard to tell where one begins and the other ends. One character hits another character. The camera cuts to a wide shot showing the other character flying back. The wide shot is computer animated but blends well with the close ups.

The bad guys are formidable with a face the Predator would love. If you like good action movies and are not squeemish about the gore, it’s a good rental.

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