Perot Museum

Driving through Dallas a couple weeks ago I noticed a new building next to the highway across from the West End Marketplace and Dallas World Aquarium that wasn’t there before. The architecture was unique although it reminded me of the museum at the 9/11 Memorial in New York. I heard about the new Perot Museum but did not realize that was it. I tried to get someone to go with me but apparently everyone has already been.

The dinosaur exhibit is very good featuring dinosaurs mostly found locally. The had some footprints from Glen Rose and a proto-turtle from Dallas when it was beach front property. The dinosaurs reign over the fourth flour with a pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling, a T-Rex and a full size diplodocus.

Third floor starts the more traditional exhibits about the universe and energy. There’s a whole section on fossil fuels and gemology. When you get to the second floor there’s a robotics lab with all sorts of hands on exhibits for the inner twelve year old. I miss the old Robot Wars TV show but this helped.

The was no traveling exhibit at this time but Sherlock opens next month and may be worth a return. On the ground floor there’s a small theater showing the usual course of 3-D educational films: Galapagos, Robots, and Tornado Alley. I need to check when Galapagos hits Netflix.

Overall it was a good way to spend three hours. I recommend going the next time you have some out-of-town visitors who want to see Dallas. Be sure to ask for educator discount.

When I got home, the cat was rather cross with me for being gone.

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