Wifi Required to Download Content

I’m out of the office and away from home this week. I’m relying on my iPhone to provide my Internet connection. I have a 10GB data plan that more than covers my needs. Yet, I keep hitting these limits that are preventing me from using my phone. Several apps and in the OS itself are inconsistent limits on what you can download over a cellular connection. Sometimes the limit is 50MB and other times it is 100MB. The Audible app will download the first 50MB of a program but you have to find Wifi to download the rest. The latest limit is on the iOS 7.0.4 update. The update is only 38MB which as updates go is tiny. That’s smaller than most of my apps which update automatically. I was able to update my iPad which is using my iPhone as a personal hotspot connecting over Bluetooth.

Dear Apple, give me the option to bypass a bandwidth limit or configure the max. I understand these limits are to protect me but they do not always make sense. My phone LTE connection peaks out at 50MBps while I’m lucky to get 1MBps on my home AT&T DSL service.

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