Destroyah VHS Sold

Godzilla vs Destroyah

I just got another sale notification from Amazon. My VHS tape of Godzilla vs Destroyah is on its way to a new home in Washington state. I’m glad to see it going to someone who will watch it. I cannot bear to throw them away when I can watch it on my Apple TV any time.

I still have six more kaiju movies left for sale including the classic Rodan and Ultraman.

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Project Nemesis (A Kaiju Thriller)

Project Nemesis

Project Nemesis by Jeremy Robinson and Matt Frank is the Kindle equivalent of a summer popcorn movie. It takes the basic Japanese Daikaiju movie, sets it in the US and sends a DHS officer who normally works on X-Files out to investigate. The book is mostly consistent. The main protagonist is endowed with remarkable perception and toys out of a 007 movie to help the plot along. I would have enjoyed more of his actual detective work and less flying squirrel. The story is mostly cop-show first person. The story is also full of death and destruction. The author does not shy away from the Stephen King tactic of introducing a character in a couple of pages just to kill them off in the next. The story features Japanese fatalism and guilt in the antagonist. The real origin is not fully disclosed so there is an opening for a sequel. We get to see how the US would cope and respond to a 300 foot tall monster wading ashore in Boston. If you like Godzilla and Gamera movies, then you may like this original story.

Project Nemesis

Project Nemesis


I got up early Saturday morning to go to Plano for the Balloon Fest. Unfortunately I did not get up early enough to see them before dawn and the weather was too windy for them to actually take off. So instead of sharing my new pictures, I thought I would dig up some pictures from 2009.

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Breaking Bad Finale is Just a Week Away

Breaking Bad

I’m really late to the whole Breaking Bad party. Fortunately for me, there’s Netflix. I was able to watch the first four seasons online to get caught up to the final season that is still on the air. I just finished watching the penultimate episode and I’m still hooked. I think what finally prompted me to watch the show was the episode of Mythbusters where they featured several things from the first season. While the writers have taken some liberties with the science, you can tell that the Mythbusters are true fans of the show.

In the first season the chemistry teacher aspect of Mr. White’s character was featured in an almost MacGyver-esque way. That was really toned down for the later seasons and the other characters had a chance to evolve. Make no mistake in thinking that Mr. White is a lovable protagonist. He is a flawed anti-hero. He is the cause of his own spectacular destruction. I can’t wait to see how it ends.

If you have not watched the show yet, I recommend you log into Netflix and get started. It is well worth your time. And this isn’t like Big Bang Theory where you can come in and miss a few episodes. The story arcs are pretty tightly written and need to be unfurled in order.

Several of the episodes open with a short out-of-context segment. Sometimes that segment is revealed to be the climax at the episode. Sometimes it may relate to something in the past or future unrelated to the current episode. Keep watching and it will come together. As I’m sure next week’s finally will do for the entire season.

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Nano Won’t Play Long Audible Programs

iPod vs Audible now offers single-file downloads of its audiobook programs. This is great unless you are listening to Stephen King or Tom Clancy. The 6th Generation Nano that I use for car audio will not play programs longer than 1440 minutes (24 hours). Actually, it will only play the first 1439 minutes. So for anything longer than 24 hours you’ll need to download the program in segments.

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