Bandwidth Usage Policy & How to Manage Your Usage

I was having trouble with YahooIM and decided to log into In the middle of all the spam was a message from AT&T about my home DSL account. It’s strange they send the message to this account instead of the one where they send the bill every month. The message was dated. June 13th. I’ve not been able to find a place on their web site to specify my email address. Their profile page does not seem to be working. I still don’t know why YIM keep disconnecting on me but now I have a new problem.

It seems that AT&T is now limiting my monthly usage to 150GB. There’s no word in the email about what happens when I go over or if I can buy a better plan. The chart shows no usage in July or August even though the month is half over. When I look at the current month it shows zero usage and 27 days left in the cycle. The apparently only update that page if you are in jeopardy o going over the limit. This is pretty useless for monitoring my usage and making any sort of adjustments.

We want to take this opportunity to remind you that your AT&T High Speed Internet plan includes 150 gigabytes (GB) of data per month. We made this change to help balance demand across our network, as a small group of customers consume as much as 19 households worth of usage. That level of activity can create congestion and affect the service levels for all customers.

Based on your recent usage patterns, our records indicate you could be affected by this change. To help you better understand your data plan and to let you know of some ways you can manage your data use, please visit to take advantage of the following resources:

  • A personalized usage report that shows how much actual data you’ve
    used in a month. This secure site can be accessed with your primary AT&T
    email ID and password.

  • A data calculator to estimate usage for a particular month.
  • Tips and information about the kinds of Internet activity that can impact
    your actual usage and ways you can reduce it.

Thank you for choosing AT&T.


Your AT&T High Speed Internet Customer Care Team

Should I worry? Nah. I’m going to go back and finish watching Torchwood on Netflix.

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