HP Photosmart C410a Premium Fax Wireless e-All-in-One

I recently needed to send in a copy of a receipt for an expense report for work. I attempted to scan the document but my old CanoScan requires additional drivers that are not compatible with my beta OS. I doubt if the drivers will ever be updated to Cocoa. Likewise my NeatWorks scanner was not working. Neither scanner is compatible with ImageCapture nor VueScan without their proprietary drivers. I then decided to try an old school approach: fax. i still have an old Sharp thermal fax machine that I use occasionally for sending faxes. It however was not working either. I guess I have not used it in quite a while. I finally had to resort to taking a picture with my phone.

With my frustration level high, I decided I was time for a new inkjet printer. There’s nothing wrong with my HP DeskJet 6127. It still works fine. It however is not designed for high quality photo printing and it is not compatible with iOS AirPrint. After doing a little online shopping I found the HP C410A to be a worthy replacement. It had all the right options for me.


Typically once a product gets home it fails to live up to my expectations. I have historically not been a fan of All-in-one printers as they usually are disappointing in their necessary compromises. So far this little printer has exceeded my expectations in several ways. The setup was easy. Each computer immediately recognized the printer. My iOS devices also recognized it. The web interface is clean and easy to use.

One feature I really love is ‘Webscan’. This allows you to scan a document from just a web page. This means that I can scan using an iPad. This is in addition to the ability to scan to a flash drive.

I was skeptical about ePrint. The jury is still out on its actual usefulness. With this feature I can email a document to HP and it will come out the printer. Sounds like a fax machine to me.

Looks like this printer is going to work out. I’ve taken the old inkjet and fax machine off the work bench and replaced them with one device. I have not replaced my copier and laser printer as I feel they are still better suited for their respective jobs. Overall I’d have to recommend this little printer.

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