An important service message for MobileMe members

I got this email from MobileMe. It was a strange non-apology. It was a litany of all the things that they have been working on without any mention of the things that were promised but not yet delivered. This message appears to have been sent out to all MobileMe members.

An important service message for MobileMe members.

Dear MobileMe member:

Over the past few months, we have been working hard to make MobileMe the best service it can be. Here is a summary of the improvements and performance enhancements that have recently been completed.

Easy file sharing. iDisk now makes it even easier to share files that are too big to email. Simply select a file in the iDisk web app and click the Share File button to generate an email with a download link. You can also optionally add password protection and set an expiration date for the link. For more details, view this tutorial.

Faster syncing with Mac and PC. Changes you make to contacts and calendars on your Mac (Address Book and iCal) or PC (Microsoft Outlook) are now automatically pushed up to the cloud every time you make an update. Likewise, changes you make on, iPhone, or iPod touch are automatically pushed to your Mac or PC. As a result, your contacts and calendars update faster across all your devices. To take advantage of faster syncing, be sure you’re running Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6 (Mac) or MobileMe Control Panel 1.3 (Windows).

Improved notifications and sync on iPhone. Reliability of new email notifications and syncing of contacts and calendar with MobileMe have both been improved. To get the best MobileMe experience on your iPhone or iPod touch, you should be running iPhone Software 2.2 or later.

Better web app performance. We have also improved the overall performance of the web apps at including faster start time in Calendar and searching in Contacts. For more details, see this support article.

Remember, to take advantage of these improvements, your computers and devices must be running the latest software versions indicated above.

We are committed to making MobileMe the easiest way to sync, access, and share what’s important to you. That’s why we’re constantly working to improve our service. You can stay up to date on upcoming changes by checking out MobileMe News. And thank you for being a MobileMe member.


The MobileMe Team

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