This web site was designed by a graphic artist employed by Urban America Television Network. The design called for elements to be dynamically replaced on the page based on day of the week and over time. The solution was to carve up the design into multiple panels described by an HTML table. In each cell is a PHP call to display a banner for that cell. Each cell is defined by a number. In the database is a list of all the banners that can be displayed. Each banner has a list of cells where it can appear along with other masking information like date ranges and days of the week. As the main page is draw each cell select a random banner from its own pool of banners. Banners are stored as JPEG, PNG, or Flash media on the server. The site was written in PHP on Apache using a MySQL database running on Mac OS X Tiger. The web site was maintained by TV Network staff using MySQL Query Browser. The web site outlasted the TV Network.

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