iPhone is missing a task list

I have had my iPhone for 12 hours now. I’m getting used to the keyboard enough to attempt to blog from it. I was impressed by the registration process. There’s no going back to my old phone. Apple saw to that by disabling the sim.

My big complaint right now is the the complete lack of a task list. There really should be a todo list to sync with my iCal. I use my task list heavily in conjunction with OmniFocus to track my todo list.

Another missing widget is an address book. All my contacts are there but how do I get at them directly. Let’s say someone hands me their business card. How do I add this new contact? How can I edit notes on a contact? Hopefully I am missing something. I have found I can get to the contacts inside of Mail but that is not natural for me now that I am used to a stand-alone address book program.

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  1. This may be finally fixed in iPhone 4.0. Or at least it potentially could be fixed by a third party developer since iPhone 4.0 allows developers to access the data store for the calendar from their apps.

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