Drupal Initial Testing

I’m testing out Drupal to see if it will work for my needs. I read reviews that said it edged out WordPress for the kind of web site I want to work on. I have a lot of content in my own CMS systems that I will migrate if this works out. The only problem that I have run into so far is the missing libGD on Mac OS X Server.

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  1. I’m still having trouble getting mod_rewrite to work. The sample .htaccess file is not working for me. What am I missing? It will keep for another day.


    1. I figured out what my problem was with mod rewrite. I did not realize two things. (1) mod rewrite is directory based, not server-based so I had to put it in a different section of my httpd.conf. And (2) the rewrite path is based on the doc root of the apache install. Once I got those figured out, mod_rewrite started working. The IRC channel was helpful — thanks.


    2. I found a good article on afp548 that helped me get it installed. I upgrade php at the same time. PHP comes with libGD but you cannot use it unless you install libJPEG or some other graphic library. For some reason Apple does not include these so you have to build and add them.

      I also got my cron job scheduled so now I have a clean bill of health on the status page.


  2. Drupal testing is going well. I have converted a couple of sites over to it and set up a couple of new sites. I still need to get libGD installed for the graphics to work. I installed the developer tools so I can compile libGD. Once I do that, I can recompile PHP to use it. I have not found an easier way to do this. The Graphics Library comes pre-installed in the Windows Distribution of PHP.

  3. Drupal is working fine but I am getting assaulted by spambots. I think I have that fixed now.

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