Cromwell High School Yearbook Pictures Online

I was playing with Google’s face-recognition search capability and typed in ‘Bergere’ into the search box. After the usual dancers and actors I was surprised to see my father and aunt’s pictures. It seems that a high school classmate has made a little project of scanning the old yearbooks and uploading the pictures. The juxtaposition of John’s picture with Brad’s was striking. John contacted the webmaster and was able to get some other pictures and newspaper clippings.

High School Yearbook Pictures from 1991 Mansfield and 1959 Cromwell

Web Site Updates

I’m converting all my content from my own content system to Drupal. It’s going to take a while. Still working on it. For older content, you can visit

Drupal Modules

Drupal modules are pretty cool. I’ve just found a Tex filter that would allow a teacher to post mathematic formulas in text.

So this text “f(x)=\int_{-\infty}^xe^{-t^2}dt” would turn into

The filter also can generate an iFrame with a graph. Here’s a sin(x) sample:


I just finished watching Babel. This is actually the second time I rented it. I rented it previously from NetFlix but did not get a chance to watch it. I sent it back so we could get a new movie that others at home would want to watch. I had heard good things about this movie so I used a Blockbuster gift card to rent it this week.

The movie it self takes place in Morroco, San Diego, and Tokyo in inter connected stories. The main event is the shooting of an American tourist. The rest of the story revolves around the gun and the children of the tourist.

The timeline of the movie bugged me. I know it was stylistic and probably necessary. We start off with the shooting and then go back in time to see how it happened from the victim’s point of view. Another story line is actually 5 days in the future from the shooting. In the end it all made sense.

I saw Crash on an iPod so I’m not sure that was the best way to watch it. It clearing shared DNA with this movie. I have heard people talking about being overloaded by the interconnected story but I liked this one. I have to recommend it.

There is some nudity that rules it out as something to share with the kids which is unfortunate. That whole story line could have been told without reverting to the gratuitous display. Brat Pitt does not Bogart the screen. His portrayal is is honest. He looks weary and beaten down in this roles. Combined with the nudity, his dialog earns the R rating.

Be prepared to read the subtitles for arabic, spanish, japanese, and sign language.

Bingo Anyone?

I just witnessed the saddest excuse for a TV show: America’s Bingo Night. When I saw the commercial I thought it was some kind of joke. I thought Deal or No Deal was dumb. This is even worse. Kudos to the producers for getting the audience to participate. If you missed it, don’t worry. It was like that Price is Right game “Higher or Lower”. I personally immediately reclaimed that diskspace from my DVR.

Drupal Initial Testing

I’m testing out Drupal to see if it will work for my needs. I read reviews that said it edged out WordPress for the kind of web site I want to work on. I have a lot of content in my own CMS systems that I will migrate if this works out. The only problem that I have run into so far is the missing libGD on Mac OS X Server.