Cars (2006)

last matinee on a very hot Friday. I had only seen one review prior to going to see this movie. It definitely delivered.

Although the story line was familiar to anyone who has seen Michael J. Fox’s Doc Hollywood, the Pixar version is a real treat. It is of course an animated movie. Pixar has really set the bar for quality for computer graphics spending 2,300 CPU Years of processing time to create this movie. All that hard work really shows. The exterior scenes are incredible. They have really captured the sense of motion both on the track and on the open road. Several shots actually gave me chills because the were so beautiful including one shot of a waterfall on the side of the road. The cast was just right. Paul Newman was perfectly cast as the retired Hudson Hornet and now town cop. The jokes we all clean. This was a G-Rated movie. It did not dumb the story down for the kids. It did not have to. The quality probably surpasses The Incredibles, another Pixar favorite. So with a good story and great graphics, I know one DVD that will be on my Christmas list.

An animated Doc Hollywood.

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