Gab Gab II

Raul got us onto the Navy base which is accessible to US citizen but not really sanctioned for scuba use. It is the Clinton administration so don’t ask, don’t tell. There is a little park with a concrete pool right in the side of the bay. It is obviously used for training. Apparently this is known as Gab Gab. If you go about 500 yards out into APRA Harbor to a bouy, you come to what is known as Gab Gab II. The bout itself marks a cliff that goes from 50′ down to abut 120′ leading out to the channel. The bottom of the cliff is a sandy bottom and not very interesting. It would be a good place to see a shark. I was with Raul and 3 other friends from work. Raul brought chees wiz, some hot dogs and a camera. I really question the smarts of feeding hot dogs to a morea eel. Don’t hot dogs look a lot like fingers? I was swing around looking at stuff when I came face to face with this huge morea eel. Later I found out that he lives there and expects to be fed.

So we’re swimming around having a gran old time when all of the sudden there’s a submarine cruising by. It was so close that we had to get out of it’s way. Then we decided to stand in front of it to take pictures. The submarine itself was full of tourist who had come to see the morae get fed.
Max Depth: 120′
Avg Depth: 50′
Air Temperature: 80º
Water Temperature: 79º at surface/79º at depth
Pressure: 3500#/500#
Visibility: V-100’/H-50′
Weight: 11# (no wet suit)

After about a half hour of bottom time we returned to shore for a little barbecue dinner.

Max Depth:


Avg Depth:


Air Temperature:


Water Temp at Surface:


Water Temp at Depth:


Pressure In:
Pressure Out:


Visibility Horizontal:


Visibility Vertical:




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