How to Add Apple Touch Icon to Your Drupal Theme

The new system update for the iPhone is now out. One of the new features is you can add bookmarks to the front screen, a.k.a the springboard. The graphics that appear on the home screen are 57×57 pixel PNG files. You put the png file somewhere on your your server. Then you edit your template.php to activate it. Add the drupal_set_html_head() function call with the html code for the png.

drupal_set_html_head('<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/folder-path/apple-touch-icon.png"/>');

Just like a favicon.ico, the iPhone will look for a /apple-touch-icon.png automatically in the root of your server.

Alex Cross Novels

My mother recently passed on a book to me called Cross by James Patterson. The main character is Alex Cross. I am near the end of this novel. It’s a good story but I kept feeling like I was coming in during the middle of the story. The story is self-contained enough that it did not bother me too much. I didn’t realize this was the same Alex that Morgan Freeman played in two movies, Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. I guess the main reason for my disconnect was that Alex in this novel is only about 40 years old while Morgan is over 70. That being said, I look forward to more of Alex Cross. I just have to decide if I want to go forward in the series to Double Cross, or go back to the beginning and read the 11 previous novels first.

Apache Tuning

I think I finally have gotten my Apache problems settled down. I’m not sure what set it off. I made the mistake of updating the system software with a security patch. That updated PHP. Since I am running a custom PHP, I had to recompile and install PHP again to get libGD loaded. With that done I proceeded to announce a web site that has been in quiet beta for months. That was the last straw. Apache went into a death spiral. Things would get so piled up that the whole system would be nearly unresponsive.

I have been in a fit all week trying to get this problem figured out. I finally came down to the MaxSpareServers setting in my httpd.cond file. It was set too high for the amount of RAM I have. I need to order some RAM while I am at it. Once I got that tuned it seemed to be working better. Why can’t this be clearer? Looks like PHP is end of life so I will have to check out PHP5.