The Ring (2002)

Tammy & I went to see the Ring last night. We went into the moving knowing almost nothing about the movie. I had only read a brief synopsis that said that the movie was a remake of a recent Japanese film by the same name. The basic plot of the movie sounds like something out of Urban Legend. If you watch a certain video tape, the phone will ring and then 7 days later you will be dead. As the movie goes on you get sucked into the reality of the newspaper report running around Seattle trying to solve this mystery.

Our theatrical experience was diminished by a full audience of 13 year old girls screaming at the scary parts. Afterward Tammy was in the restroom just outside the theater and some of these same teenagers were in line with her. One of them must hae accidently set off the hand dryer hanging on the wall which set them all off screaming again.

I haven’t seen a really good scary movie in years. This movie is like Serpent and the Rainbow, in that it is truely scary without relying on gore and special effects. The suspense and the payoff make it a good scary movie.