Customer Web Site Examples

Williams Trew

This real estate site was designed by an Advertising firm and then implemented using ASP.NET. This was my first project in ASP.NET for SohoPros. It was designed using a web services backend to fetch data out of a Microsoft SQL database. Searches can cross private listing and MLS listings for very unique results. Users can store search criteria to repeat searches on future visits. Images are fetched from a remote server, cached locally, resized dynamically, and displayed on the web site.

Taste of Arlington

Taste of Arlington web site was Designed by Wallaby Design and Graphics as an update for the 25th anniversary festival. The site was implemented in about 4 hours using Drupal. The site listed sponsors and allowed customers to buy tickets. The annual event drives very little traffic the rest of the year. The design of the web site was implemented as a theme based on SlashDot. Since is was built as a theme, a new theme can be created next year without having to recreate functionality.

A Step in Time

This web site was redesigned to give the owner the ability to edit content directly on the web site and enhance communication with current customers. In addition to the web site the customer now uses their domain for email communication.

Janik Enterprises

Early web site for Medical Physics Consultants from 1996. The web site was able to host and search for documents stored in a database. The site design was revised in 2009.

Wallach Law

Web site for Wallach, Andrews & Stouffer law firm. The web site was originally implemented in 2001 as a way to list information about the medical law practice firm.