Customer Web Site Examples

BKS Iyengar Yoga Studio of Dallas

Drupal site where the owners can update their own schedule of classes and post other information. Implementation called for a custom stylesheet for some pages in a way that the user could choose. The primary use of this custom style sheet is to change the background image.


Xevious Consulting's web site to feature sample customer sites and my personal technical blog.

Worley Band

This is a web site for Rogene Worley Middle School Band, Mansfield, TX. The purpose of this web site is to allow parents and student so access a common calendar, see class announcements and share pictures from events. This web site is running on Drupal using a Simple Slashdot theme. Due to the nature of the content several features like comments had to be disabled. Security allows student officers to post content.

Vinyard Heights

Vinyard Heights Home Owners Association, Rendon, Texas web site was designed as a simple test to implement a small community site using Drupal. This site features three levels of security. The calendar allows HOA members to post their events and even maintain a personal Blog.


This web site was designed by a graphic artist employed by Urban America Television Network. The design called for elements to be dynamically replaced on the page based on day of the week and over time. The solution was to carve up the design into multiple panels described by an HTML table. In each cell is a PHP call to display a banner for that cell. Each cell is defined by a number. In the database is a list of all the banners that can be displayed. Each banner has a list of cells where it can appear along with other masking information like date ranges and days of the week.

Troop 384

Boy Scout Troop 384 of Rendon, Texas has had a web site since 2000. This web site features an events calendar and an historical events blog with photo galleries. The scouts and adult leaders are encouraged to post content within the boundaries of the security. This site has been converted from my own home grown CMS to its current home on Drupal using a modified SlashDot theme.

The Moment Photography

Personal Photography Site for photographer Richard Williams. This was an experiment in how to implement a photography gallery in Drupal. The customer has access to upload his own pictures and add comments. It is a balancing act between exposing the photographs to Google and still keeping them private.