Customer Web Site Examples


Hosted WordPress site for non-profit organization featuring annual conference programming and a PayPal registration form.

Aristide Event Center

Drupal 7 site based on static web design with jquery and HTML elments. JQuery is used for a slideshow from Flickr. Blog feature added to replace separate WordPress site and integrate with main business site. Items like testimonials are dynamic and can be added by staff.

Gibson Homebuilders

We are a company dedicated to building energy-effecient, quality custom homes that our customers will enjoy for generations. We encourage all of our customers to visit the job sites on a weekly basis. This interaction allows them to make changes like shifting nonesential interior walls that might improve traffic flow or design. When changes are made at this stage it doesn't cost that much. Our clients get to watch every step of construction from start to finish. We demand quality from all our craftspeople. Most have worked with our company for many years.