A Château in Provence

Château d’Entrecasteaux

Munn Family
Munn Family
While at her 102nd birthday lunch, my grandmother mentioned that she and my aunt had learned of a memoirs written by the son of one of her cousins on the Munn side of the family. She told me the stories in the book were “scandalous”. She said this grinning ear to ear. I looked up the book and confirmed that it is available on Kindle. I read it over the last week and it reads like second had history with Forrest Gump like references sprinkled throughout. As I read my Kindle version I highlighted the author’s witness to history. The heart of the book is about his acquisition and restoration of Entrecasteaux with his father, an my grandmother’s cousin, Hugh Ian Mcgarvie-Munn in 1974.
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SEIR Building Project

As they built the new Apple Campus in Cupertino, it became a Mecca for drone photographers to document the progress of the construction. At one point Apple security tried to discourage enthusiastic remote pilots but that proved to be a harder task than they thought. With all the new construction on campus, I wanted to emulate the work done in California. The SEIR building broke ground a year ago. After checking local and campus rules, I set a project of myself to document the construction of this new building on the south side of the University of Texas at Arlington campus. When complete it will serve as one pillar of the south entrance to campus for people driving north on Cooper street. My plan is to take pictures and video once a month until the building is complete. After just one month, I’m still on track. You can already see progress between the two videos.
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Penitentiary Hollow

Pictures from and around Penitentiary Hollow at Lake Mineral Wells State Park. This is a nice park for some light hiking. There was a bit of a squall brewing when I was there which made it a bit too windy for flying the drone. Most of these pictures were taken from ground level around Penitentiary Hollow which is a popular rock climbing spot. For $7 and a waiver you can run up and down the cliff. Jada proved herself to be a good climber so long as the rocks were no higher than 6″ tall. Continue reading “Penitentiary Hollow”

Wings Over Dallas

Here are a few pictures from Wings over Dallas 2017 air show featuring the Commemorative Air Force. I was not able to stick around for the flying part of the show. I was able to get in before dawn and have the run of the place for a couple hours to take pictures. I also got some pictures of some non-planes. I used to think that CAF stood for Confederate Air Force which would be a bit of an anachronism. Continue reading “Wings Over Dallas”

Millennium Phenom

At Dallas Executive Airport there is an Embraer jet, tail number N100FZ, painted up with images from Star Wars that made me laugh. On one side of the tail is the Millennium Falcon. On the other is a painting of what looks like an X-Wing with the fuselage of a jet. On the front and back of the plane there are painted-on thrust ports that look like the nose of the Space Shuttle. On one side there is a painted on Flux Capacitor. On the main door there’s a logo that looks like it is from Star Fleet and the engines are painted like warp nacelles. Continue reading “Millennium Phenom”