CarPlay Test Drive

I rented a car this week and got a new Chevy Malibu with Apple CarPlay support. I always travel with a kit of connectors and charges so that I can plug into most rental cars unless they have a stupid proprietary connector (Nissan, Kia). I was pleasantly surprised that when I plugged in the Lightning cable, the screen immediately changed to show me apps and options on my Phone. The interface was easy to use. It gave me voice control and access to music, podcasts, audiobooks, and directions. After years of frustration with my personal car, now I have to decide if it is worth replacing my crappy Kia navigation system or just wait until I buy a new car.



Tree Eulogy

I was very sad to see this tree had not survived this weeks storms. It was not able to stand up to the 70 mph straight line winds. I drive by this tree in south Fort Worth sometimes twice a day. I loved to see it standing solitary out in the field. At certain times of the year I would drive by at dawn and other times at dusk. Many times I noted how pretty the scene was. A few times I actually stopped, walked across the muddy ditch to the fence to get a clear picture. It will be missed.