A Walk in the Woods in Cary

This week I’m in Cary, North Carolina for work. It was a last minute trip. I thought I was going to Atlanta until the last minute. Cary is one corner of the Research Triangle formed by the state to foster the high tech industry. The experiment has largely been a success and has risen the reputation of Chapel Hill and University of North Carolina.

This week there is much excitement as the Panthers are playing in Super Bowl L next week. Yes, I think they should have stuck with Roman numerals. Next year it would have been LI, right.

So I’m looking for something to do in the triangle. Usually I seek out whatever sights there are locally. With limited time and preparation I hadn’t really come up with any plans aside from calling an old roommate up. I did find a nice park called Harris County Park. I took a bit of a walk around the lake before dusk. The park closed at 6 so I missed the actual sunset. At one end of the park was a power plant that looked like a huge nuclear cooling tower. The park was mostly devoid of animal life. Perhaps the animals were waiting until 6 for all the people to leave. I did see three squirrels. These are the fastest squirrels I have ever seen. I guess they have to be fast here to stay off the menu. I saw signs prohibiting their hunting in the park. The park itself was mainly pine trees. Pine trees were everywhere as far as I could see.

As I left the park and drove away I saw a magnificent red sunset over the power plan cooling tower looking like something out of a movie.