Fort Worth Japanese Garden

In the middle of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden there is a Japanese Garden. You can pay $5 and wander through the trails and over the bridges to a little tea house among the cedar and bamboo trees. They don’t open until 10 and they close before the reset of the Botanic Garden. It is a common venue for professionals. Today there were two wedding parties there taking pictures. I got there right when they opened to avoid the crowds. It’s June in Texas so it was already 80ºF outside. It would hit 90ºF by the time I was done. The gate said there was a nest of humming birds in a cedar tree by the tea house but I never found it. I did catch some birds and squirrels frolicking before the people arrived. I only shot about 120 pictures with my Canon T6s. I uploaded a few to Instagram. Below are some select pictures from that batch.

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