Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho

In November 2013 I traveled to Salt Lake City. I took a drive up to Montpelier, Idaho via US-30 through Wyoming and back around Bear Lake and back to SLC. It is very dramatic countryside. Flying in to SLC you can see Bingham Canyon Mine. It is a huge scar on the Earth that I happen to see in a movie the following week. I cannot remember which one but it used the mine as the exit with a huge gun battle in black and white. The sky was mostly clear during my trip. The color and texture of the rock make for some interesting photography. I played with some tone mapping software to try to reproduce what I had actually seen. I got up early one morning looking for a place to take some golden hour shots of the sun rising. I got a couple of interesting shots.

The most interesting part of the morning was when I was driving down this dirt road through Bear Lake National Wildlife Refuge just after dawn but before the sun had broken over the mountains. There was skunk running down the middle of the road. The little guy had no interest in letting me pass.

Back in SLC I took pictures of the tabernacle and the state Capitol building. Later in the week I drove down to visit Provo, the BYU campus and watch the sunset over Utah Lake.

Overall I found it to be beautiful country and the people we very nice. Everywhere you looked there were people going about their business but all dressed up.

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