John Wick

Keneau Reeves is back with a movie that could be a worthy sequel to The Matrix. It is the perfect antedote to Interstellar. The plot is simple: They kicked his dog, now he must kill them. That’s it. Nothing too deep about it. John (Keneau) walks through the rest of the movie with singular focus. The movie takes this focus and turns it into a continuous string of action sequences as the bad guys come in waves trying to kill John. The movie it’s full of characters that would be at home in a Tarantino film. These characters live by a code and speak in euphemisms that play to the absurdity of the situation. John is able to call for a clean up crew as easily as calling Mr. Wolf from Pulp Fiction. The movie is predictable with all the usual revenge flick cliches but that does not diminish the experience. There are a lot of subtitles for the Russian. The filmmakers used some creativity in presenting the text on the screen. What sets John apart from his peers in the movie is his perfect aim and impossible reaction time. By the time the other guy has had a chance to take aim John has already taken the head shot. The movie it’s full of cool cars. They are the only ones spared. All modern cars end up being destroyed. It’s a pure action thrill ride. Don’t look for deeper meaning than that.


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