Two Camera Editing in iMovie

I had an opportunity to work on a video for a school program. I shot some video of the event and so did another dad. I wanted to create a single video with the best bits of each movie. And I wanted to do it in iMovie. The first trick is to turn on the advanced editing tools in iMovie’s preferences. This enable extra features like the cutaway feature. Then I needed to pick which of the videos would represent the main flow of the video and add it to the project time line. Once there I was able to drag the second video into the project on top of the first video. The resulting pop-up menu offered several choices including the one I wanted: cutaway. I was able to line up both videos so their audio was in sync. Then it was just a matter of trimming the second video to remove the bits of the cutaway I did not want to reveal the base video underneath. I end up with about 50% of the time on each video. In my case, I dubbed the audio and spit out an 18 minute video ready for DVD although I will be watching it in Hi Def on my Apple TV.Here’s the final product:

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  1. The new iMovie 10.0 under Mac OS X Mavericks still has Cutaways, Picture in Picture and Green Screen functions. It’s moved a bit but its still there without having to enable the Advanced mode.

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