Styx Puts on a Great Show

I started off 2012 with a Styx concert at Billy Bob’s Texas with my friend Lee. I don’t often go to concerts anymore. I’ve probably been to 5 concerts in the last couple of decades compared to seeing that many in a single season when I was younger. When I got them email from the venue that tickets were going on sale I wanted to go. I immediately asked my wife to go. She laughed and told me to go have fun. She went with me the last time I saw Styx. She’s more in to Rick Springfield and Nickelback. I checked with a couple other buddies who either didn’t know Styx (younglings) or just not that interested. I knew Lee would be up for it and he was.Billy Bob’s is a Honky Tonk. That means that it is a chimera bar/pool/dance hall. Billy Bob’s is really big too. I features several bars, bull riding arena, bar-b-q patio, and multiple stages including the main stage. The main stage is typically set up with long tables and folding chairs. You have 18 people to a table, assigned seating. The tables go right up to the stage with barely space for someone to walk. The tables go away from the stage off into the distance. Around the table seating area is a raised railing separating it from the rest of the honky tonk.The show started at 10:30 PM with an introduction by Bo Roberts, a local DJ from KZPS who’s has been with the station for as long as I can remember. The band took the stage playing Blue Collar Man. For the next ninety minutes they walked through their hits. Dennis DeYoung’s absence was barely felt. Lawrence Gowan sounds like he’s alway’s been with the band. James Young and Tommy Shaw both put on a great show. These guys are straddling 60 years old and still touring. Someone told me that they have toured more in the last 10 years then they had in the entire history of the band before that. Styx had their first hit in 1975. The bassist and drummer have been with the band for the last decade but I did not know them. At one point Chuck Panozzo came out on stage to play bass. Apparently he still tours with the band on a part-time basis. Tommy Shaw said that he enjoyed this venue and they like to come back every year.
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