VLA at Dusk Lock Screen

VLA Dish Lock ScreenI love the way this picture turned out. I took it from the road to NRAO off US 60 at dusk. I’m looking west, obviously. The picture has not been photoshopped or in anyway altered other than setting it as my iPhone lock screen wallpaper I have a similar image in my Sunlight album on Picasa (some rights reserved). I created another version that is already cropped and ready for use as an iPhone/iPod Lock Screen and iPad Lock Screen. Click on the link below from your iOS device, tap and hold on the image to “Save Image” to your device cameral roll. Once it is in your Cameral Roll view it in the “Photos” app. From the Actions menu choose “Use as Wallpaper”. You should not need to “Move and Scale”. Press “Set” and specify where you want it to appear. You can delete the image from your camera roll when done.I credit the colors of this photo to the Canon T1i camera and my circular polarizing filter. I took several pictures with the filter in different rotation positions and it is amazing the different effects you get.

iPhone/iPod Touch Lock Screen iPad Lock Screen
VLA iPhone Lock Screen VLA iPhone Lock Screen

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