Congratulations, your auto-renew of 250 MB of data for 30 days for $14.99 was successful

I got a nice little note from AT&T today. My data plan actually has 23 hours left on it according to the iPad itself. I used 160MB for the month. I had been a little paranoid and left the radio off for the first couple of weeks. I’ve left it on all the time for the last two weeks. Next month will be the test as I will be taking it on the road for a week. I expect to burn through my data.

Congratulations, your auto-renew of 250 MB of data for 30 days for $14.99 was successful.

Your credit/debit card has been charged $14.99.

Reminder: Domestic iPad Plans may be purchased with unlimited data usage, or with a data usage allotment measured in MBs, for a 30 day period utilizing a credit or debit card. The 30 day period begins to expire immediately upon purchase, whether or not you are using the service. If you purchase a Domestic iPad Plan with a data usage allotment and you use all of your allotment prior to the expiration of the 30 day period, your access to our Data Services will cease for the remainder of the 30 day period. If you want to continue using our Data Services during the remaining 30 day period, you will need to purchase an additional iPad Plan by going to Settings > Cellular Data on your iPad and selecting from available options. If you purchase an additional iPad Plan, the 30 day period, including the 30 day automatic renewal period, will change to the date and time you purchase the additional iPad Plan. Domestic iPad Plans include the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

The terms for the AT&T 3G Data Plan for iPadTM have been revised. For updated terms, please see Your continued use of the AT&T 3G Data Plan for iPad constitutes your acceptance of the revised terms.

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