Waiting for the WWDC 2010 Date Announcement

Each year Apple holds its World Wide Developers Conference. This conference used to be held in San Jose but had to be moved to San Francisco when it got too big. Attendance tops out about 5,000 developers who descend each summer to Moscone West. The conference date floats between May and June. Apple announces the date of the conference ten weeks before. Last year the conference was announced on March 26th and the date was June 8th. Rumors abound from people trying to guess the date. So here we are a year later and there is still no announcement from Cupertino.


June 7-June 11

That means that the conference will probably not be starting on June 7th, the corresponding week of last year. I would have expected an announcement today if that were going to be the date. Another strike against the June 7th theory is the fact that the Yerba Buena Garden is booked up a public event that would conflict with the annual bash. The final strike against this date option is the fact that there are still rooms available at the Marriott across the street. Apple usually books their own employees into that hotel prior to announcing the conference. There’s still a chance that we may hear something tomorrow and I’ll be proven wrong.

June 28-July 2

Back in December appleisms.com posted an article with a screen shot showing a “Corporate Event” on the Moscone Center’s web site. That calendar has been since updated and the Corporate Event has been moved to June 23rd and 24th. That’s not long enough for WWDC but there’s nothing on the public schedule for the next week.

June 21-June 25

The week of June 21st has also appeared on some rumor sites. It is hard to discount this date. It would also include the anniversary of the iPhone and an opportune time to announce iPhone OS 4.0 and new iPhone hardware. Its hard to ignore this week.

It is unlikely that Apple will delay further into July or even August but it has happened. There’s nothing at this point to suggest that. For now we just wait.

Revised Thinking

Since originally writing this time has passed. It is looking more and more like June is out. Apple may push the date back into August or even September. If you assume a historical 90 day advance notice then the chart looks like this:

Year Advance Announcement WWDC Venue
2010 40 Apr 28, 2010 Jun 7, 2010 Moscone West West
2009 74 Mar 26, 2009 Jun 8, 2009 Moscone West
2008 88 Mar 13, 2008 Jun 9, 2008 Moscone West
2007 126 Feb 5, 2007 Jun 11, 2007 Moscone West
2006 153 Mar 7, 2006 Aug 7, 2006 Moscone West
2005 111 Feb 15, 2005 Jun 6, 2005 Moscone West
2004 123 Feb 26, 2004 Jun 28, 2004 Moscone West
2003 98 Feb 10, 2003 May 19, 2003 Moscone West
2002 31 Apr 15, 2002 May 16, 2002 San Jose Convention Center
2001 34 Apr 17, 2001 May 21, 2001 San Jose Convention Center
2000 55 Mar 21, 2000 May 15, 2000 San Jose Convention Center

2000-2002 announcement date are from Apple PR

15 Replies to “Waiting for the WWDC 2010 Date Announcement”

  1. This is an outrage!

    People have jobs, projects, families. Currently, all I can do is not plan anything for June … and even July.

    What is so hard about announcing this date earlier?


    Via Twitter from Germany

    1. The timing has always been frustrating yet somehow they keep having sell-out conferences year after year. I’m sure this year will be the biggest yet.

  2. I still think that professional developers should start to put more pressure on Apple.

    It can’t be impossible to announce the date sooner.

  3. I think we can safely rule out June 7th. Even Apple would give us more than 45 days to prepare for such an event. The rest of June is starting to look doubtful. The corporate event is gone off the Moscone calendar. Now there’s a new event in September 27-28 in Moscone West labeled “DevCon”. Is that WWDC? It might be the Blackberry Developer’s Conference (http://www.blackberrydeveloperconference.com) scheduled at the Marriott 9/27-30. That would be an unfortunate collision of schedules because Marriott hotel rooms are already $279 for that week.

  4. The web site electronista.com says that Apple has booked the Yerba Buena Gardens for June 22nd. They claim to be getting their info from modmyi.com. But when you go look at the source article, it makes no mention of WWDC. While that makes sense for the release or unveiling of the iPhone 4.0 it does not make sense for WWDC. Typically WWDC starts on a Monday with the keynote followed by a full four days of developer sessions. I cannot see Apple shrinking the conference by a day. For the last couple of years Apple has used Yerba Buena for its Bash party, usually Wednesday or Thursday night.


    While I believe the possibility of an iPhone 4 debut one June 22, presumably shipping 60 days later, I still think that this will be isolated from the WWDC presentations. WWDC hopefully will focus on Mac OS X 10.7. They may be delaying until September to get the new OS ready. The conference has gone through changes from year to year. The basic structure has remained 5 days.

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  6. I wasn’t really worried

    Via @jfahrenkrug: WWDC is definite. An Apple Developer Relations person emailed me: “It should not be long before we disclose the dates.”

    1. The problem with that idea is that Moscone is booked in August. I’m betting on 9/27 for WWDC 2010

  7. WWDC 2009 was not announced on Mar 13, 2009, but on Mar 26, 2009 (which brings the advance down to 74 days for 2009).

    1. Thanks for catching that. I had 3/26 in my notes but updated the wrong year (2008 was 3/13).

  8. WWDC 10 has been announced for June 7th. Now the scramble to get registered. Glad I already made hotel reservations.

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