F-18 Museum Piece

I overheard a great story on the airport shuttle the other day. I was sharing the bus with some pilots and flight attendants for a regional carrier I do not normally use. The group was starting their day and it was obvious that the were familiar with each other. The group ranged in age from 20’s to 40’s. The pilot was not much older than I am. It was the pilot who was telling his story.

The pilot was on another trip to the east coast visiting a museum. In this museum was an F-18. Since he used to fly F-18’s it caught his eye and he went to investigate. The plane seemed very familiar. On further inspection, he realized that it was the exact plane that he had flown. This realization took him aback, to think that a plane he once flew was museum worthy.

The F-18 is still in service and will probably remain in service internationally for many years to come. The F-18 first flew in 1978 and has been in service since 1983. It’s longevity is based on its adaptability in many variations.

Today the F-18 serves as the showpiece for the Blue Angels.


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