Next (2007)

I recently had the opportunity to re-watch the movie Next with Nicolas Cage and Julianne Moore.I saw this movie in the theater. I was exited about the premise. It looked like it would be a cool superhero movie. There was a small trend of anti- superhero movies coming out at the same time. Like the movie Jumper this movie created a cool character and put him in a cool world. It established the rules for this world and set boundaries on that power. And then the movie abruptly ends. It was not satisfying. The same story was told with a better ending in the movie Déjà Vu.

The special effects gave you a good sense of how the Nick Cage character viewed the world. I liked Julianne Moore as the FBI agent — she’s smart and tough. In the end it just felt like they were writing a pilot for a TV series on Sci Fi channel.

At the end of the movie, the credits roll backwards. Nice Touch.

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