Initial Impression of iPhoto 8.0

My installation of iLife ’09 went without a hitch. I backed up my library a couple of times and began. I have 30,000 pictures in my library. iPhoto quickly identified 69 locations from my iPhone pictures and is currently scanning my library for people’s faces. Exploring my pictures via Places is a great way to enjoy my pictures. I especially like the way it show pictures of the same place over time.

When I checked the Faces section of my library it told me to come back later. I eventually got a status update that told me there were 4000 minutes remaining. It then began to cycle through my pictures. Instead of showing me the whole picture it showed me a close up of a person’s face even from pictures with many people. The progress bar quickly dropped under 1000 minutes as it ran through my pictures.

After about 3 hours all of my photos had been processed. I began playing with Faces. It was very addictive. The automatic selection of a face works really well if the face is facing the camera. It got confused on people from the same family but overall it did a good job. The pictures are selected with decreasing certainty. Once you start getting a lot of misses, press done and start a new search.

The integration with Facebook is nice. It is based on the email address of the person. In the Faces section click on the “i” to edit the person’s name and email address. When you upload to Facebook the album name is automatically choosen and created on Facebook. Tagging faces is cumbersome. You should be able to tag a face with one click-and-drag. You should also be able to target which album you want your picture to land on Facebook.

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