Eagle Eye

When I first saw the commercials and trailers for Eagle Eye it looked like a remake of Enemy of the State. When the movie came out the reviews were really poor and I opted to skip it at the theater. I know someone who went to see it in the theater despite the bad reviews and my mocking. Their review was that the movie was actually pretty good. The movie has more in common with Terminator than Enemy of the State.

Eagle Eye is now available on DVD and I bought it. I have watched it once and am looking forward to watching it again. The Terminator reference is well founded. The basic premise must have been to imagine how SkyNet could have come in into being in today’s world. Most of the technology is accurate but then it goes off the deep end with a couple of typical Hollywood clichés.

Why do computers have to have moving parts? The only moving part in modern computers today are tape archive robots and even those are becoming increasingly obsolete. Why would a massive computer have a big eye on an arm? I know — because it is important to the plot.

If your looking for a couple of hours of fun, this is a good movie. I’m looking forward to watching the alternative ending to see the version where the robots win.

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