iPhone Plug Replacement Arrived

I got a rather large package on my doorstep this morning. It actually was not on my doorstep, the DHL delivery driver was nice enough to toss it in my garden. Fortunately a kid found it. Who know how long it had been out there. UPS actually left a different package on the doorstep — but I digress. What was in this package from Apple? It was my replacement power plug. The new plug looks identical. I cannot tell them apart. The new one has a green dot on it. Otherwise they are the same. It looked fully to see this tiny little plug in a box that measured 8″ X 6″ X 4″ and lined with black foam. I put the old one in the box and now I just have to find one of those mythological DHL drop-off locations. I guess I’ll have to call to arrange pickup.

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