Great Leaders Inspire Greatness in Others

A friend of mine asked me what I thought of the new Clone Wars TV series. I knew it was coming but had missed its premier. Luckily for me it was already available for download on iTunes along with a free preview episode. It is also being repeated several time throughout the week on the Cartoon Network. The DVR is now programed.

I have had a chance watch the first episode called “Great Leaders Inspire Greatness in Others”. This text appears in blue where we usually see “A Long Time Ago…”. Instead of a long scroll of yellow text going off to infinity we get a cheesy voiceover. This is not only more time efficient but it actually fits the intended style of a Saturday serialized action show.

This paticular episode featured Yoda and a handful of clones against a minion of Duku. Apparently each episode will ecapsulate a single story focusing on a single character. In this way the formula worked.

I enjoyed the episode and look forward to watching future episodes starting with Episode 2 that aired right after this episode.

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