Free AT&T WiFi at Starbucks

I had an opportunity to try the free Wifi service at Starbuck provided for iPhone customers by AT&T. It actually worked pretty well. My experience wasn’t exactlly painless so I wanted to share my experience.

First thing I did was look for a wireless network called either Starbucks or AT&T. I found neither among the myriad wireless networks there was only one that was open: T-Mobile. I tried it. It let me connect with no trouble. I opened a web browser and tried to hit a web page. I got the T-Mobile intercept page. The URL bounced around a couple times before landing on a Wayport URL.

The page had a large T-Mobile banner and a little tiny AT&T box about 100 pixels square. My hopes soared. This might actually work. I clicked on the box. I got bounced around and landed on an AT&T sign-in page. There was a space for my username, a popup button for the domain, and a password field. I filled the form out with my DSL account info and waited a second.

It actually worked. I got a small popup window with a timer. I was able to launch my VPN software and get some work done. I’m always amaized when stuff like that works. It did seem a bit hidden. I’m curious to try another Starbucks.

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