World War Z

Do not like the zombie genre? Me either but this book is really good. I have never been into the heavy gore and violence usually associated with stories about the living dead. However, Max Brooks takes you on a journey with survivor excerpts collected from around the globe, in a reporting style that works well for this bit of fiction. The book also reads good on several levels. On the surface you can get amazing and interesting survivor stories documented as they are collected for posterity. On a deeper level, the book accomplishes what I understand many of the undead films and stories try to convey but I rarely get to because the gross out factor outweighs the message. Max balances his messages with entertainment well here.

These “Oral Histories” tell the story, showing how governments, individuals and cultures around the world adapt to a crisis without a conscious. You will find parallels in World War Z to our world facing terrorist and cultural threats that cross every nation’s borders. You will also find riveting stories that rival any “reality fiction” works available.

This is a great read.

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  1. It’s also a great AudioBook with the voices of the author Max Brooks and Alan Alda in the production. The movie is good and probably will be worth of the coming sequel. Aside from the title and references to zombies, it has nothing to do with this book.

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