New Microsoft Ad is Cute and About Nothing

Jerry Seinfeld was know for his show about nothing. Now he and Bill Gates have their first commercial about nothing. While only a minute and a half it has all the elements of a classic Seinfeld episode. There are several elements which seem out of place but recur for comedic effect.

Here’s what we learned.

* Jerry Seinfeld is spending his retirement from TV trolling the malls and eating churros.
* Bill Gates has been buying his shoes at Shoe Circus for the last 30 years. We are not sure what he does with all those points.
* The spanish speaking family is more impressed with the leather shoe than with the two celebrities in the shoe store
* Microsoft is apparently working on an edible computer.

So Jerry is acting like any other technophile would do if they ran into Bill Gates in the mall, trying to pump him for secrets.

I would expect the Conquistador, the Churros, and Bill Gate’s Shoe size to recur at the end of this string of ads. Soon after that Netflix will release a collectors DVD set containing all the episodes and a cast reunion show.

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