Guild Wars

Guild-Wars is an awesome online roleplaying game without monthly basic costs.
A lot of people compare it with successful “World of Warcraft” (WoW) by Blizzard, but in fact it’s a total different game.
Before I come to the pros and cons of the game let me explain what you can expect from Guild Wars:

First of all there are 3 different kind of modes. The PvE (Player versus environment) is a campaign where you try to solve missions with other players against the computer. You start at level 0 and become level 20 if you’ve success.
The second mode is PvP (Player versus Player). In this mode you can demonstrate your competence by fighting against other “real” players in a little group.
The third mode is GvG (Guild versus Guild). A guild is association of different players with their own flag, territory and rank. By fighting against other Guilds you can improve or corrupt your rank.
Before joining a mode you have to decide your class. You’ve to choose between warrior, necromancer (black magic), elementalist (natural magic forces), Assasin ( soldier with dagger), mesmer (magic forces), monk (healer), ranger (bowman), ritualist ( can create ghosts).

I really like this game because it doesn’t get boring, you can spend hours on playing it. On top of that you can found a guild with your friends and compare your skill to other players. Furthermore you’ll always find a player helping you in the guild wars campaign, because there’s just one server – and that’s the big different to world of warcraft – and so all the 4 million Guild Wars player can meet each other without changing the server.
The only pro I found is, that the missions are often very long-winded and it isn’t possible to save. If you interrupt the mission by closing the application you’ll be the next time in the nearest meeting point, where you have to start the mission again.

But all in all it’s a very exciting game, because there are so much things to do and to discover. On top of it the $49.99 on is really a fair deal, if you see what you’re getting.

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