Ender In Exile

In Ender’s Game a boy saves the Earth while believing he was playing a game and at the same time commits xenocide against a race of intelligent insects. The series has had many installments explaining how Ender, his friends and family all interacted both before and after this universe altering event. However, Orson Scott Card has had a gaping hole in his series that he will now fill on November 11th, 2008 with Ender in Exile. Finally, we will all find out what Ender and his sister Valentine did on their long journey to the outer colonies in space. This journey is taken after Ender is deemed too dangerous (in part by his own power mad brother) to return to Earth. These years were always lost to the fans of the series and many of us wondered what things were happening to him on his relativistic journey that helped to shape the boy into the man that would become the Speaker for the Dead that we meet in subsequent books. Now, Card gives us these years of his character’s life and I am sure we will all be the happier for it.

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