Don’t Buy a Mac (This Week)

I had a friend ask me for some advice on buying a mac for the home. They had already bought a Mac Book and Mac Book Pro and now it seems time to replace that old generic PC in the kitchen with a new Mac Mini. My advice was pretty simple — Wait.

Apple recently announced a special event next Tuesday. At the time of this conversation all we had was a rumor from Kevin Rose but that was good enough for me. The special event has now been confirmed by Apple with an invitation. The event seems to be focused on the iPod and will probably have no affect on the rest of the product line, especially the iPod. So why wait?

I suspect that we may see iLIfe ’09 announced/released on Tuesday. This would mean that a computer bought next week would come with iLife ’09 for free — a $79 savings.

So if you want to buy a new Mac, wait until Tuesday. Don’t wait much longer than that. The iPod rebate for College Students and teachers ends soon.

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