Into the Wild

I just finished watching Into the Wild. It has been out for a while but I am finding it harder to sit down and just watch movies and TV anymore. I wanted to watch this one because I had heard good things and I also liked the soundtrack. I was struck by the fact that the main character portrayed was about the same age I am. I recognized his rebellion not in myself but in my peers although not to the same extreme. I recommend this movie.

The story flips back and forth through time but always comes back to a place and time known in the story as the Magic School Bus. The story earns its ‘R’ rating for a few nude hippie scenes and some language. What makes the story so strong is in its simplicity. The character floats, sometime literally, around the western part of the US reacting to what is thrown at him.

What make this story so strong is that it is a true story. This point is driven home during the credits and epilogue. Rent it but be prepared.

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